SpiderMesh ModBoss 900 MHz Radio

The SpiderMesh ModBoss 900 is designed to periodically query devices that talk Modbus RTU over RS-485 and press on critical parameters via the 900 MHz radio to a local Ethernet gateway.  Mesh technology yields a greater effective system range than a single hop network.  Range is limited only by the number of devices in the network.

Each SpiderMesh ModBoss system is made up of Minions, each of which connects to a Modbus sensor and a ModBoss gateway that aggregates and provides access to the sensor data.


  • Powered by a 900 MHz RF Module
    • Atxmega256A3 MCU
    • 900 MHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio
    • 250 mW transmit power
  • Date rate: 40kbps BPSK to 1000kbps OQPSK
  • Power:
    • 6.4 to 12 VDC regulated
    • USB
    • 2.0 to 3.45 VDC unregulated battery input
  • 8 indicator LEDs
  • Configurable input switch
  • 2 full USARts + 1 UART over USB
    • 4 ADC + 2 ADC/DAC pins
    • 10 timer outputs
    • Modbus RTU/RS-485
  • Programming and dubugging interface
  • 130uA quiescent current
  • Dimensions: 53mm x 89mm x 14mm
  • FCC compliant

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