Spider Stack Radio Evaluation Kit

With SpiderMesh, we offer a turn-key solution that gets your sensor data on the internet and makes it available through a webservice with minimal development. SpiderMesh is low power, M2M solution powered by IEEE 802.15.4 technology.  The SpiderMesh is optimized for low-powered data-acquisition. Two-way communication, however, is supported allowing control and data upload.


Our Product Includes:

  • A powerful wireless module that self-configures to form a robust, self-healing, long-range mesh network and can interface with a variety of sensors
  • A gateway device that can service hundreds of devices from a point and route their data to the cloud
  • Server and data-store technology that makes the sensor data available though an API
  • Three PIR motion sensors with cables

Evaluation Kits Now Available! Starter kit includes three wireless modules with motion sensors and built in temperature and voltage monitoring capability and a single gateway device.

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